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We strive to make our website the go-to resource for both existing bariatric surgery and general surgery patients but also to those interested in learning more about surgery and if it is right for them. As part of that dedication, the posts below address many of the most common questions, concerns and considerations our patients have as well as practical tips and advance to make surgery safer and aftercare smoother.

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The First 4 Days of the Pre-op Bariatric Diet

The first 48 hours on a liquid diet is the most challenging. You will be very hungry until your body induces ketosis. Ketosis occurs when the amount of carbohydrate fuel (fuel that is needed to run the body) drops below … Continue reading

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Introduction to Our 2-week Pre-Op Diet

Hi, my name is Kathy Kapner and I’m the bariatric coordinator here at Advanced Surgical Associates. One of our patients’ biggest concerns is their diet before and after bariatric surgery. I am not a bariatric surgery patient, but I do … Continue reading

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When Does Abdominal Pain Require Surgery?

We all get aches and pains in the abdomen for a multitude of reasons. Usually, this discomfort goes away rapidly or we can pinpoint the cause based on recent events. However, there is a fine line between benign abdominal pain … Continue reading

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How to Maintain or Lose Weight During the Holidays

It can be very tough to keep your weight in check during the holidays. There’s just so much going on. Whether it’s the stress of hosting a gathering, or the food and drink temptations at every turn, it takes a … Continue reading

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White Grains versus Whole Grains versus Multi Grains

With all the hype about low-or-no-carb diets, carbohydrates have become the evil of our daily nutrition. To be sure, certain carbs are worse than others – these are usually in the form of white, empty carbs like white rice, white … Continue reading

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I’m Worried About Mesh for My Hernia Repair, Is It Really Necessary?

Ever since the introduction of hernia mesh, the long-term complication rates – mostly in the form of hernia recurrence – have dropped dramatically. One of the biggest causal factors of hernia recurrence is a non-mesh repair. And while there are … Continue reading

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Weight Loss in The Six Months After Bariatric Surgery

The early postoperative period after weight loss surgery is both an exciting and daunting time in every patient’s life. Undoubtedly, there is the potential for exceptional weight loss and disease resolution, making life healthier and more enjoyable. On the other … Continue reading

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Medications That Can Harm Your Pouch

I often get asked which medications are harmful to your pouch after gastric bypass. The class of drugs that are most harmful are NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). There are many NSAIDs out there including: Aspirin Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) Naproxen (Aleve) … Continue reading

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Exercises to Avoid After Bariatric Surgery

The postoperative bariatric exercise plan generally falls into two parts. First, is the short-term plan starting immediately after surgery and continuing for several months until you have lost a significant amount of weight and healed appropriately. The second is the … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating After Weight Loss Surgery

When we think of eating healthily, one of the first food items that we consider are soups and salads. There are countless diets that lead us in this direction for weight loss. It is almost second nature to believe that … Continue reading

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Gallbladder Removal Diet: Foods to Eat and Avoid After Surgery

Typically, patients who have their gallbladder removed have been suffering with some discomfort around eating for a while. Most patients expect surgery to make them feel better, but the truth is, this can take some time. When the natural process … Continue reading

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How Many Gallstones Do I Have?

The gallbladder stores and secretes bile produced by the liver. Bile aids your body in digesting and metabolizing fat we consume in our diet. After a meal, the gallbladder is triggered to shrink to release bile into the small bowel. … Continue reading

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