When To Call Your Surgeon

Most surgical procedures are uneventful, with minimal complications. However, you must be aware of potential problems after surgery so you know what to look out for and can call us in the event that they occur. The most common post-surgical complication is infection. Anytime the skin is broken, no matter the size of the incision, there is a chance of infection. The likelihood of infection is increased if proper wound and incision care is not performed.

Signs of Infection

The following are typical signs of infection which should be addressed immediately by calling our office.

  • Your incision becomes swollen, stays red or smells bad
  • You have increased pain or soreness after moving. Remember that pain can also be referred. This means that the pain is not necessarily at the incision site. Any significant pain is a reason for a call.
  • Your temperature is above 101◦ F

Other potential complications may include:

  • Your incision opening up. In this event, cover the incision site with a clean dressing or cloth and contact us immediately. The wound will be examined and secured closed
  • Complications specific to the procedure you have undergone. During your consultation, and in your post-surgical packet, potential risks and complications will be discussed. Be on the lookout for any of these problems until you surgeon has cleared you at your follow-up appointment

You should also call us if you feel any pains or sensations that are not covered in your post-surgical packet. While they may represent nothing serious, it is important to err on the side of safety and get checked out. Our #1 goal is your safety and your vigilance can make it much easier to detect a problem before it becomes serious.

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