Paying for Surgery

Paying for surgery is foremost in many patients’ minds. All of us at Advanced Surgical Associates are dedicated to making the financial portion of your procedure as smooth as possible. As such, we encourage you to take advantage of our knowledgeable billing department to learn more about the options available to you.

Understanding Your Insurance Policy

Insurance can take many forms and coverage varies between insurance companies – even between plans at the same company. Medicare and Medicaid have their own policy stipulations and conditions for coverage. The best way to understand your policy is by communicating with your insurance provider. A review of your policy documents, and better yet, a call to their customer service line, can offer a great deal of insight. We can also assist you in verifying your benefits – just let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your policy.

To ensure you don’t receive any surprises, you should understand how your plan works, including procedures that are covered, as well as the exclusions to coverage. You should be aware of your remaining deductible (this will likely reset at the end of the year), know your coinsurance (the percentage of fees you are responsible for once you’ve met your deductible) and your total out of pocket costs.

Further, be sure you fully understand the terms of your Medicare policy as it has particular stipulations and complexities depending on the procedure. Coverage cannot be verified beforehand.

Learn more about insurance for bariatric surgery

Financing Arrangements

Some patients will opt to finance their medical procedure. Personal options for financing such as credit cards or borrowing from family members may be plentiful. However, you may also wish to consider for third-party medical financing. After a qualification process that will likely include a financial applications as well as a credit check, you may be offered financing opportunities to make your surgery a reality. Remember that late payments or defaults can come with significant penalties including damage to your credit, higher interest rates and even legal action. Be sure you fully understand your commitment to any financing options before you sign up.

Cash or Self Pay

Some patients opt to pay cash for their procedure. To understand your costs and responsibilities, we suggest you contact our office. We will also direct you to the billing departments of associated providers such as the medical or surgery center, anesthesiologists and more. In some cases, for your convenience, we may be able to present you with a single price that covers all services and providers. Learn more about cash/self-pay.

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