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Pre-Op Psychological Testing – Do You Think I’m Crazy?

August 20, 2018

Many of our patients are confused when they find out that preoperative psychological testing and evaluation is a required part of our bariatric surgery program. You may be one of them. So, in this blog post, we want to explore … Continue reading

Fear and Bariatric Surgery

March 24, 2014

Fear is an inevitable part of the bariatric surgery process. It comes in many forms and ultimately can lead to positive or negative developments depending on how it manifests itself. Fear may be the reason why you have decided to … Continue reading

Your Responsibilities after Weight Loss Surgery

May 18, 2013

Many patients arrive at the conclusion that they need bariatric surgery because they are frustrated with years of failed diet and exercise attempts. While bariatric surgery is an effective long-term solution to excess weight and obesity, it is not a … Continue reading

Alcoholism after Bariatric Surgery

November 28, 2012

Alcoholism is a serious consideration that has to be made by any patient before they undergo bariatric surgery. Food can be addictive and many patients who come into our office for the first consultation, have an unhealthy relationship with what … Continue reading

Addiction Substitution after Bariatric Surgery

March 26, 2012

Addiction substitution is an uncommon, but possible psychological byproduct of bariatric surgery. Despite the low likelihood of developing an addiction after surgery, it is a topic that must be explored in order to make sure that every patient understands the … Continue reading

Negative Feelings

March 19, 2012

As weight loss surgery patients, we walk a fine line between motivation and frustration after surgery. Lifestyle changes are hard – not only in the days and weeks after surgery, but years later, too. It is hard to kick the … Continue reading

Depression after Bariatric Surgery

January 19, 2012

It is easy to automatically assume that when a post bariatric surgery patient loses up to 85% of their excess body weight, the result would be sheer ecstasy. Those who don’t understand bariatric surgery however may not realize that the … Continue reading

How Weight Loss Affects Body Image

May 1, 2011

Turn on the television or pick up a magazine and you will most likely see images that have contributed to our country’s often distorted view of body image. “Thinner is better” is often the message. Unfortunately, that is not the … Continue reading

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