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Are There Any Risks to Minimally Invasive Surgery?

July 25, 2012

Before we address this question, it is important to understand that every surgical procedure, no matter how it is performed has some degree of risk. These risks range from minor to major and largely depend on the health of the … Continue reading

How Safe Is Surgery?

July 6, 2012

No matter the type of surgery – hernia surgery, bariatric surgery, or otherwise – it is still a major procedure. And each surgery has both benefits and risks, some of which depend on a patient’s particular circumstance. Many of our patients … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Treat a Hernia

June 24, 2012

There are many types of hernia – inguinal, incisional, umbilical, hiatal, esophageal and more – each with their own set of complexities. The one commonality between them is that many of these hernias can start as very minor, causing minimal … Continue reading

How Your General Health Affects Surgery

June 12, 2012

Most Americans suffer from one or more diseases. They may be genetic or acquired, major or minor.  Further, over two thirds of Americans are overweight which in turn causes a host of weight related diseases including type-2 diabetes, high blood … Continue reading

When is Open Surgery Necessary?

May 31, 2012

Minimally invasive surgery has become the new norm and rightly so. We perform over 90% of our procedures laparoscopically and for most cases, it is our preferred method. There are instances however, when it is better to have an open … Continue reading

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