Gastric Band Revisions In New Jersey

Several years ago, the gastric band was the second most popular bariatric surgical procedure in the United States. The band is relatively safer (over the short-term) and less expensive when compared to a bypass or sleeve. As such, many patients continue to opt for this procedure. However, the band has been shown to have a somewhat higher rate of long-term complications than other procedures.

Why The Band Fails?

The most common band-related complications revolve around problems with the band itself. Even if it was placed correctly, over time the band’s effectiveness can wane. The band can shift position – this is called a band migration. If it moves out of its original position, the band may not offer effective restriction, allowing patients to regain weight. The band can also erode into the esophagus, requiring removal. Various other less common band-related complications may require medical intervention or removal.

The band can also fail due to patient expectations being too high. It is very important that patients understand that they may only lose 50% or so of their excess body weight. For some this may be disappointing.

Occasionally the band is placed improperly in the first place and must be replaced.

How To Revise a Gastric Band

Since there are no visible changes to the gastrointestinal tract during a gastric banding procedure, revising the surgery is relatively straightforward. If the band is well tolerated, a new band can be placed after the old band is removed. Of course patients will still have the risks and considerations of the original operation.

The band can be converted to virtually any other bariatric surgery available today, assuming that the patient is an appropriate candidate. Since Lap-Band patients may receive the band with a BMI of as low as 30 they may not qualify for a sleeve or bypass revision.

Ultimately, the type scope of a revision to the gastric band largely depends on the patient’s particular circumstance. The patient’s history with the gastric banding procedure as well as the patient’s tolerance for a band or alternately a stapled procedure will go a long way in assisting us develop the correct course of action.

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