Medicare For Bariatric Surgery

Advanced Surgical Associates is able to perform bariatric procedures on those who wish to use Medicare to pay for part of their surgery. It is important for patients to understand however that Medicare is somewhat different from private insurers.

First and foremost, Medicare has its own set of qualification and coverage requirements that can be starkly different from those of a private insurance company. It is important to evaluate and understand all the criteria for surgery before undergoing the procedure to ensure smoother coverage and payment. Please take advantage of our billing and insurance specialists to understand your obligations fully.

Medicare also does not allow for a pre-authorization of benefits. This can be a scary proposition because patients will not be fully and finally approved for coverage until after surgery. The key here is to, again, understand the policy requirements fully and make sure that each and every requirement stipulated by Medicare is met.

Remember, don’t worry or panic. The process to ensure coverage requires some time and effort. Spending the time to ensure that the claim submitted is thorough and accurate is by no means a waste of time. Remember, you can receive guidance regarding any public insurance questions or concerns by calling our office. We are here to help you make the insurance coverage process as quick, easy and painless as possible.

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