Insurance for Bariatric Surgery

ASA accepts a wide range of private insurance plans as well as Medicare options for those who qualify. Though our program has a set of qualification criteria, insurance companies will require additional documentation for coverage. While each insurance company has a unique set of criteria, patients may need to provide the following documentation as proof that they qualify for surgical intervention for obesity. This is a general guide to what may be expected, however please contact your insurance company to determine their exact requirements.

  1. Patients must have a BMI of 35 or over with an obesity-related disease or a BMI of 40 or over
  2. A letter of medical necessity from both your primary physician and our office.
  3. Provide a food and exercise journal detailing past attempts at non-surgical
  4. Provide evidence of one or more obesity-related diseases, including type II diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and sleep apnea
  5. Enrollment in a medically-supervised diet program for three to six months

Medicare does not offer pre-approval for surgery. It also may have additional requirements. If you intend to finance your procedure through a public provider, please ensure that all of their qualifying criteria have been met before surgery. You may also be asked to sign a letter of financial responsibility in case of denial.

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