Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Simply put, weight loss surgery, including gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and gastric banding, is the only long-term effective weight loss option for those suffering from obesity and morbid obesity. New techniques and constantly improving procedures have made weight loss surgery a safer alternative to living with morbid obesity for those who qualify. But what most patients do not realize is that the main goal of weight loss surgery is disease resolution and prevention. Obesity presents a whole host of diseases and can cause all sorts of conditions, even certain forms of cancer. The benefits of weight loss surgery cannot be understated, however it is a procedure of last resort. Patients should have tried to diet and exercise to lose weight before they consider weight loss surgery. Some of the most obvious benefits of surgery include:

  • Resolution or improvement of obesity related diseases (called co-morbidities) including type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. In fact type-2 diabetes may be resolved in over 80% of gastric bypass patients, high blood pressure resolved in over 65% of patients, high cholesterol improved in over 94% of patients and sleep apnea resolved in over 80% of patients.
  • Possible prevention of life threatening diseases including heart diseases, certain forms of cancer as well as a host of bone and skeletal issues.
  • In women, the weight loss associated with bariatric surgery can stabilize hormonal development to restore ovulation patterns and resolve fertility problems associated with weight.
  • Weight loss surgery is generally performed in a minimally invasive manner without the need for the large abdominal incisions of old. This means that the chance of infection, length of hospital stay, amount of blood loss and pain and recovery time are all drastically reduced.
  • New studies compiling data on the cost of obesity show that successful weight loss surgery can pay for itself in just a few years. Savings associated with fewer hospital visits, fewer doctor’s visits and reduced prescription cost are a part of this. The cost savings when accounting for lost life and lifestyle are even greater.
  • Many patients enjoy improved social interaction because of the confidence they derive from weight loss surgery

Patients should be aware that weight loss surgery in and of itself is not a magic bullet and it is a patient’s responsibility to follow a diet and exercise regimen prescribed to them after surgery. Further, weight loss surgery is still major surgery and comes with the risks associated with any minimally invasive surgical procedure. Please speak to your surgeon to fully understand the risks of weight loss surgery. You should also attend a free weight loss seminar to learn more about the procedures and our practice.

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