Treatment for Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Hair loss can be a difficult event in our lives. Many men look at their hair as a sign of their youth and virility. There is, though, a certain degree of expectation that hair will thin or fall out as a man gets older. Hair loss can be much more impactful to women who often expect their hair to remain thick and full throughout their lives. Because of the expectation of a full head of hair, many patients often rush to start a hair loss treatment program to try to stem or reverse the issue.

Without knowing the true cause of hair loss, treatment may be ineffective, leading to frustration and a waste of money.

Most forms of hair loss result from issues that cannot be corrected long-term by over-the-counter products, gels or creams.  For example:

  • Stress related hair loss cannot be reversed or improved unless the stress itself is addressed.
  • Weight loss surgery patients should hold off for a year or two after surgery to begin addressing any lingering hair loss that they experienced after surgery. The body requires time to heal and stabilize after surgery.
  • Hormonal imbalances, often caused by obesity, can also contribute to hair loss and this may be more significant with age. Hormone replacement therapy may be effective, but has risks.
  • Pattern baldness and genetic predispositions are also common causes of hair loss, especially in older adults. There is nothing that can reverse this condition.

There are many options to stem hair loss, including hair transplants. However, before pursuing any of them, we strongly urge patients to speak to our office. Together we can devise a plan to understand the cause of the hair loss and create an effective treatment protocol.

We understand that hair loss, no matter what the cause, can be alarming. It is often reversible and temporary, however. Behavioral and lifestyle changes are sometimes all that’s needed to get back to normal.

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