Follow-Up Appointments and Check-Ups

Successful surgery includes plenty of follow-up care. Your surgeon needs to check your healing and see that you’re recovering safely. Ask when to return for your first follow-up visit and whom to call to make an appointment. In general however, you will follow an appointment schedule similar to the one below:

  • 1 week – follow-up to check on recovery, discuss next steps.
  • 1 month – general check-up. Discuss activities and going back to work
  • 3 months – general check-up with lab tests
  • 6 months – general check up with weight loss progress and labs
  • 9 months – general check up with lab tests
  • 12 months – general check up with weight loss progress and labs
  • 18 months – general check up with lab tests


Starting at year 2, you will visit our office on an annual basis, unless you have a specific concern that requires an appointment sooner. Your 18 month or 2 year appointment may also be a good time to discuss any cosmetic procedures or pregnancy planning with your surgeon. If you are a gastric banding patient, you will likely need additional appointments to change the restriction of your band.

You will be asked to attend a monthly support group. This is critically important to your longer-term weight loss success. You will be in contact with other patients that have experience what you are currently navigating. It also gives you an opportunity to connect with our office as one of our coordinators, nurses, dieticians or surgeons will be in attendance.

If you’ve been taking medications for diabetes, heart disease or some other condition, ask your doctor about taking them while you recover. This can help you avoid side effects. Do not modify your medication regimen without specific instruction from your surgeon or primary care physician. Please let us know about any significant life changes or medical issues you have experienced between appointments.


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