Cosmetic Surgery after Weight Loss Surgery

Many patients experience a degree of excess skin after weight loss surgery. This is usually due to the amount and rate of weight loss after the procedure. In other words, the more weight you lose and the quicker you it, the greater the likelihood for excess skin. Of course genetics and age also play a part in this process. At a certain point, in certain patients, the skin can no longer tighten to its normal state and extra skin is unavoidable.

The only way to eliminate excess skin entirely is through a cosmetic surgical procedure. Various surgeries exist to assist weight loss patients regain the aesthetic and skin tightness they expect of their newly slimmed bodies. These surgeries include:

  • Body contouring
  • Tummy tucks
  • Arm, leg or thigh lifts
  • Breast lifts (sometimes combined with augmentations)

Patients must be very careful about cosmetic surgery after weight loss surgery, as even seemingly minor procedures come with risk. There are several considerations to make before undergoing a cosmetic procedure, a few of which are detailed below:

  • You should not have a cosmetic procedure for at least eighteen months to two years after your weight loss procedure. It is important that your weight stabilizes before you undergo a cosmetic procedure. Significant weight fluctuations can reverse a successful aesthetic procedure.
  • Be sure that you will not become pregnant after your cosmetic surgery. Once again, a pregnancy, while very exciting, can create yet another excess skin problem.
  • Cosmetic procedures are not meant for weight loss.

Your cosmetic procedure will likely not be covered by insurance as it is virtually always considered an elective or aesthetic procedure. Please be aware of the total cost of your cosmetic procedure beforehand.

Be sure that you are prepared for a cosmetic procedure by having a stable weight and a positive and realistic understanding of your long-term weight maintenance goals. We encourage you to speak to our office before you undergo a cosmetic procedure to ensure that you are ready to undergo another surgery and that your body weight has stabilized.

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