Bariatric Surgery in Paterson, New Jersey

With Paterson being New Jersey’s third largest city, there is a significant overweight and obese population in the city. An estimated one third of adult Americans are morbidly obese and the percentages may be increasing. For these individuals, medical problems, in addition to social and practical problems, are a near inevitability. Fortunately for some, the battle against obesity has a surgically based weapon. The answer for many is clear: bariatric surgery.

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Advanced Surgical Associates warmly welcomes patients that reside in Paterson, NJ. Our office in Springfield, NJ is about 22 miles away, meaning an easy 35 minute driving trip along the Garden State Parkway, depending on traffic. We strive to combine as many visits as we can to ensure that you only have to make the drive when absolutely necessary.

ASA conducts monthly free weight loss surgery seminars in three different locations for anyone interest in bariatric surgery. The seminars are meant to provide patients with the benefits and risks of the three surgical procedures we perform, as well as educating the patient about the life-changing journey on which they are about to embark.

Your First Step:

We encourage you to make that first step by browsing our website and sign up for a free weight loss surgery seminar. Then contact our office at 973-232-2300 to gain more knowledge about the procedures and services we offer. We are committed to working with you to determine if a bariatric procedure will meet your health and weight loss goals and needs. We want to be there to help you get started on your journey to creating a healthier lifestyle and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Advanced Surgical Associates is one of the first exclusively surgical groups practicing in Union County New Jersey. And that is just the first of many firsts for ASA. For over 40 years, we have pioneered breakthrough surgical patient care in North Jersey in both general and weight loss surgery. ASA also offers gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and gastric banding to those suffering from obesity in New Jersey.
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