Days 13 to 14 of the Pre-op Bariatric Diet

February 6, 2020

Well, it’s the last two days of my pre-op bariatric diet and I have to say that I’m both excited and a little sad to see it come to an end. This journey has shown me that when you have goals, you can be a lot more disciplined than you ever thought. Most of the office staff that joined me on this pre-op diet journey has seen it through – we had one or two dropouts, but that is to be expected! It’s not easy, but I’m really happy with how far we’ve all come.

Menu Day 13

  • Breakfast – protein shake
  • Lunch – fat free cream of chicken soup
  • Snack – two 40 calorie ice pops
  • Dinner – fat free cream of chicken soup
  • 8pm – protein shake
  • Water – 64 ounces

Menu Day 14

  • Breakfast – protein shake
  • 11 am – ½ protein shake
  • Lunch– fat free cream of celery/chicken soup
  • Dinner – homemade cream of chicken soup
  • 8pm – protein shake
  • Water – 80 ounces

In Conclusion

To summarize the two-week pre-op diet, I have to say that week two was a lot easier than week one. I knew this to be the case in theory, but it really is true in practice as well. As you wean yourself off of the bad foods, your body stops craving them. Now, to make that stick, it requires more than two weeks, but if you’re having surgery you’ve got the tools and support to make this a long-term, permanent change.

I found that I wasn’t as hungry on the second week of the diet and that correlated with doing a better job hydrating. The protein shakes as a meal replacement as well as getting enough water is critical to making sure that you get through this diet satisfied and healthy.

I lost 7 pounds in total and other office members that joined me lost between 7 and 10+ pounds. Beyond the weight, my general health has improved. As far as side effects, following the program allowed me to avoid them other than a headache or two early on.

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