Days 9 to 12 of the Pre-op Bariatric Diet

January 30, 2020

Menu Day 9

  • Breakfast – protein shake plus hot tea and water through the morning
  • Lunch – fat free cream of chicken soup
  • Snack – 40 calorie ice pop
  • Dinner – protein shake, avocado, hot tea and chicken broth
  • 8 PM – protein shake
  • Water – 48oz and two cups of tea

Menu Day 10

  • Breakfast – protein shake and hot tea
  • Lunch – fat free cream soup
  • Dinner – protein shake and fat-free soup
  • 8 PM – half of a protein shake
  • Water – 64 ounces

Menu Day 11

  • Breakfast – protein shake
  • Lunch – fat free cream soup
  • Snack– protein shake
  • Dinner – sea bass, salad and hot tea – dinner out with the family
  • Water – 64 ounces

Menu Day 12

  • Breakfast – protein shake
  • Lunch – chicken and vegetable broth, protein shake
  • Snack – two 40 calorie ice pops
  • Dinner at another party – string beans, shrimp bisque and hot tea
  • Water – 48 ounces

Quick Note

While I’ve been having salads into week two, that is not part of the pre-op diet plan. Starting with week 2, salads will have to be eliminated. 

How I feel

Lost 6 lbs. total! I’ve been feeling satisfied with the quantity of food and liquid over the past several days. What a difference from just over a week ago when I was hungry all the time and getting headaches. I imagine that this is what it is like in the weeks after surgery. It’s amazing how cravings for the foods we really shouldn’t be eating are slowly going away. Don’t get me wrong, I still pass my favorite bakery or coffee shop and would love to stop and grab something once in a while, but losing 6 pounds and feeling more energy throughout today makes me rethink that.


It’s amazing how life can get in the way with dieting and exercising. We really have busy lives and that’s probably what contributes to our weight loss challenges in the first place. Taking a minute to stop and think about what our goals are can help with this challenge

Biggest Surprise

I’m surprised and impressed that even with a couple get-togethers and parties during this four-day period, I was not tempted to stray from my diet too much. The idea of eating a full meal – too much – is not palatable anymore. I’m perfectly satisfied with a small portion of seabass as my indulgence!

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