Choosing the Right Recipes After Bariatric Surgery

March 25, 2015


There’s no shortage of recipes or cookbooks out there and as a bariatric surgery patient looking to expand your culinary horizons, you may be tempted to try quite a few of them. Many recipes tout their unique “tastes great and healthy for you!” qualities, while others guarantee weight loss using exotic “proven” techniques. It is imperative that we dig a little deeper to understand exactly what we’re eating, how we’re eating it and how it will ultimately affect our bodies.

Sugar Substitutes

There is a place in the bariatric diet for sugar substitutes. After all, refined sugar is one of the worst things to overeat when trying to lose weight. However, there is a tendency to overuse sugar substitutes. The result is that we actually trick our bodies into eating more and research is showing that sugar substitutes can actually work against your diet. Once again, in this case, we preach moderation. You will never be able to eliminate sugar completely from your diet and as such we suggest that you enjoy a sugary dessert on occasion and in limited quantities. Similarly, drinks and foods with sugar substitutes should be consumed in moderation.

Exotic Diets

There is nothing more exciting than the promise of losing weight with a new and exotic diet. However, one of the main reasons why diets fail is because they are too drastic. Similarly, exotic diets are very hard to maintain because they change your eating patterns so drastically and so quickly. If you wish to embark on one of these diets, it is important that you ease into it and not start without consulting your medical team first. You must also remember that after bariatric surgery caloric and nutritional intake is significantly curtailed. This means that exotic diets may increase the chance of a nutritional deficiency.

The Side Dishes

You may think that enjoying grilled chicken breast is the best thing you can do for your diet. You may have a small sweet potato or some steamed broccoli next to it. Even better! That is, unless the broccoli is doused in butter and the sweet potato covered in sour cream. It is very easy to overlook these seemingly obvious pitfalls. Even the most vigilant of us can trip up sometimes.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, you as a bariatric patient have excellent resources within our practice. Not only does our post bariatric surgery diet packet give you the nutritional and caloric guidance that you need to stay healthy, but our dedication to your weight loss through nutritional consultations and support groups can assist with any questions that you may have.

The bottom line is that we want you to reduce saturated fats and simple carbohydrates while increasing your intake of proteins, unsaturated fats and complex carbs. Common sense diets, enjoyed in moderation, are the best way to achieve healthy, long-term weight loss success.

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