You’ve Had Your Bariatric Surgery, Now What?

May 22, 2014

Weight loss surgery can be life changing and most patients enjoy the dramatic results that a successful bariatric procedure can offer. Excess weight loss and commensurate decreases in obesity related diseases vary between patients but represent a measure of success. Of course, depending on individual goals and conditions, there’s likely more work to do.

So what are the keys to success from here?

Sustained lifestyle change, in the form of solid diet and exercise is an important part of keeping the weight off. Even though the patient has lost the weight, there is work to be done to maintain that weight loss. Focus and dedication are an absolute must.

Keeping stress at bay, no easy task in today’s hectic society, is also important for weight loss and maintenance. Stress can make us feel hungry as a result of the secretion of cortisol, a hunger hormone.

Maintain a solid support foundation. It is much easier for the patient to continue to lose weight if they maintain a rock-solid support group in the form of supportive friends and family. Attending regular bariatric support groups is also a crucial.

Finally, keeping goals in perspective. We may not lose 10 pounds each and every month, but if our waistline shrinks by an inch or our blood work comes back that much improved, we have succeeded. There are many forms of success beyond just our weight.

We wish everyone who has undergone a bariatric procedure the best of luck in their weight loss endeavors. We hope that they strengthen their resolve every day as they look in the mirror and see the progress they’ve made.

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