How Our Pets Can Help Us Lose Weight

May 7, 2014

We know that losing weight with a friend or family member can be more effective than dieting and exercising by ourselves. Oftentimes, however, we overlook the great benefits that our pets, especially dogs, can offer in our weight loss. Just like us, pets must eat well. Plus, just like in our own eating habits, we often cut corners in our pet’s diets too. We’ll feed them table scraps or foods that may not be ideal for their health – with the best of intentions. The result is our pets may suffer from many of the same weight related disorders that we do.

Changing your pet’s lifestyle for the better, according to your veterinarian’s instruction, can help you remember that you need to stay on track with your diet as well. Every time we serve them a plate of their healthy food, it can remind us that we need to do the same for ourselves in order to maintain our own health. The act of helping someone or something else with their diet is often motivational for our own.

Pets, especially dogs, can help us with our exercise too. Most dogs enjoy a good walk or playing in the back yard. We can join them in doing so and progressively make our workouts more and more vigorous each time. You may only be able to start with a half-mile walk, which is a wonderful place to begin. As time goes by and your body gets used to the exercise, you may increase that to one or two miles and even start jogging a portion of it.

Of course, only perform these exercises within your own and your pet’s abilities.

Our pets are our friends and companions, but they can also help us with our health. Remember that a great diet and exercise program is a wonderful thing for both pet and owner alike.

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