When Fast Food Is Okay After Bariatric Surgery

April 4, 2014

Fast Food After Bariatric Surgery

It might seem counter-intuitive, or even shocking, to say that fast food would be an acceptable meal option after bariatric surgery. For the most part, a fast food restaurant, and its usual menu of high-fat, high-sugar options, is not conducive to your overall weight loss journey and goals. And one could agree that items on the fast food menu tend to be less healthful than other culinary options. But, believe it or not, there are times when fast food meals can help us toward our weight loss goals.

The first circumstance occurs if you are exceptionally hungry and have no plans or ability to eat a proper meal at a sit-down restaurant or at home. In general, hunger is often difficult to manage, and not “taming” it can lead to overeating. Our eating patterns can be thrown for a loop after just one bout with extreme hunger or a missed meal. For example, just as grocery shopping on an empty stomach can be self-sabotaging, sitting down to a meal after we’ve reached the “starving” point can often lead to far too much eating.

A way to curb getting to this point is to stop at a fast food restaurant and get a small meal. When you do however, remember that you must choose the healthiest option available. Opt for grilled instead of fried, forgo the soda for water, and get apple slices or yogurt instead of the fries. Doing so can cut hundreds of calories out of the meal, keep you on track, and help avoid the post-drive-thru guilt.

The other circumstance when fast food actually makes sense revolves around rewarding the progress you’re making toward your weight loss goals. Fast food should not be used as a crutch, or even as medication– these may actually be contributing causes of obesity in the first place. Rather, fast food can, in moderation, be used as a once-in-a-blue-moon reminder of how far you’ve come. Amazingly, you’ll probably find that your craving for fast food decreases as your diet becomes progressively healthier. Many patients walk away from fast food entirely after just one or two visits. As your palate changes and attitude toward fueling your body evolves, you may be like many who find fast food saltier, greasier or less satisfying than you remembered.

The point is that fast foods, just like any unhealthy foods are damaging when eaten often or regularly. But moderation in all forms is a key to staying on track. Making great choices in your new and improved diet, and finding the confidence to trust those choices, is paramount to your weight loss success.

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