Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

March 26, 2014

Surgery can be a daunting process no matter who you are, but educating yourself about the procedure you are undergoing will benefit both you and your surgical team. Part of that education revolves around asking the right questions of your surgeon and office staff, regarding your surgery, expectations and aftercare. You may wish to supplement any question you have with the following:

  1. What are the possible outcomes of surgery? Every surgical procedure is as unique as the individual on which it is performed. Each of our bodies reacts differently to surgery, so there is not a standard answer to this question. Your surgeon can help you understand best- and worst-case scenarios, and can give you some perspective on the procedure and prepare you for any possibilities after surgery.
  2. How many procedures has your surgeon performed? A track record of experience in the procedure you will be undergoing can often mitigate some of the complications associated with the procedure. Over the course of their careers, many surgeons will have seen virtually every possible outcome, giving them experience and confidence in dealing with them.
  3. Can the procedure be performed under a local versus general anesthetic? Most major surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, however some less complex procedures can be performed under local. It is important that you discuss the consideration of one over the other. Not everyone will be suited to the same.

The questions above represent only a few of the many you can ask your surgeon. Sometimes, you’ll find that you have very little choice in the manner and method that your procedure is performed. Other times, there may be very easy or very hard decisions that must be made before surgery. Either way, understanding the context under which you are undergoing the procedure, and knowing more about the procedure and surgeon themselves, can help you make the right decision for your health, safety and, ultimately, the effectiveness of the operation you are to undergo.

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