Fear and Bariatric Surgery

March 24, 2014

Fear is an inevitable part of the bariatric surgery process. It comes in many forms and ultimately can lead to positive or negative developments depending on how it manifests itself. Fear may be the reason why you have decided to undergo bariatric surgery in the first place – fear of excess weight limiting your life and health. On the flip side, fear may be what’s holding you back from making the decision to actually undergo the procedure – fear of surgery, possible complications, will it really work?

These fears are very normal, but must be managed. The most effective way to do so is by fully understanding the possible surgical outcomes and how they will affect your life.

You should attend one of the free weight loss surgery seminars that our office, like most bariatric surgery practices, offers on a monthly basis. Attending one of these seminars can give some perspective on obesity as a disease, as well as treatment options available. Further, it will give you more information about your suitability for bariatric surgery and details on the benefits and risks of each procedure.

Life after surgery can also make patients fearful. It requires a dedication and focus in making sure that the patient changes their lifestyle permanently through improved diet and exercise, supplements and support groups. This can be daunting to be sure.

Understanding that you may finally be in control of your life after bariatric surgery and that you can change dramatically, for the better, is very empowering. Further, knowing that you have a team of professionals here at Advanced Surgical Associates standing by to help you can be of great comfort.

Fear can be a great motivator. However, if unchecked, it can also stop us from doing many of the things that we need to improve our health and well-being. With knowledge and understanding we can overcome, or at least manage, our fears to make sure that we make the best decisions for our particular circumstance and have to confidence to move in the right direction.

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