Making Sure You Understand the Billing Process

June 15, 2013

One of the often overlooked (but stressful) parts of a surgical procedure is the billing process and the out-of-pocket expense a patient will have to bear. Many patients are reluctant to speak about billing because when it comes to the safety and effectiveness of a procedure, a discussion about money may seem awkward.

Part of the success of a surgical procedure requires that the patient be comfortable with billing procedures.  In a recent blog post, we mention fear and how to educate oneself on the surgical procedure at hand. In this blog post we want to emphasize that a discussion with your medical team about billing and costs is always appropriate. The billing specialists here at Advanced Surgical Associates can help you verify your benefits and understand what your estimated out-of-pocket expenses may be. Remember, beyond surgeon fees, there will also be hospital facility fees which may vary depending on the venue for the surgery – either an ambulatory surgery center or a hospital setting. These fees may or may not include anesthesia.

Once you have discussed costs with us you may also wish to speak to the surgical facility to understand their billing methods and how that may affect your out-of-pocket expenses. A quick call to your insurance company may also be in order.

Learning as much as you can about the billing process can help you avoid any questions and fears before and after surgery. Of course, there’s always an element of the unknown and as such it is impossible to pin costs down to the dollar. However, you should be able to get a good idea of the cost of the procedure and what will be covered by your insurance plan, if applicable.

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