Your Responsibilities after Weight Loss Surgery

May 18, 2013

Many patients arrive at the conclusion that they need bariatric surgery because they are frustrated with years of failed diet and exercise attempts. While bariatric surgery is an effective long-term solution to excess weight and obesity, it is not a silver bullet. In other words, there are responsibilities that you, as the patient, will have to understand and fulfill over the course of your weight loss journey. Understanding and living by these responsibilities gives you the best chance to make the procedure a complete success.

First and foremost is a change in lifestyle. You will have to start eating healthier foods and exercising regularly. Improper diet can derail any potential weight loss benefits that the procedure offers. Similarly, a sedentary lifestyle only works against your weight loss efforts and goals. In the beginning, this new diet regimen will be difficult; however over the course of time, it will become second nature and your weight loss goals will finally be within your reach. While lifestyle change may seem very daunting, there are many things that you can do now and into the future to ensure that your postoperative lifestyle changes are sustainable.

Our practice offers regular support groups, which will allow you to run experiences and questions by others in your position. You’ll also be able to speak to our staff on a regular basis to get tips and tricks for jump-starting your weight loss. You must also develop a support system of your own, consisting of friends or family members who understand your goals and the journey you will have to make.

Ultimately, it is very important that patients understand that they will not simply be cured of the disease of obesity by having weight loss surgery. The journey to a lower weight requires a great deal of dedication and focus. That said you will be empowered knowing that, as you lose weight and reach your weight loss milestones, it will have been primarily due to your efforts, with the help of your bariatric procedure.

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