Not All Fats Are Bad

May 2, 2013

As we embark on our latest diet and exercise programs, we are often tempted to eliminate fats altogether. The name alone sounds daunting for weight loss and it’s true that many items that are high in fat also have a significant number of calories. What is important to remember is that not all fats are equal. In fact, some fats are very beneficial, while others can be very harmful.

There has been a significant societal push in recent years to curb the use of or eliminate trans fats in restaurants, fast food establishment and even in the grocery store. Trans fats are, as we know, the worst of the worst – infamous for their artery clogging properties. These fats are usually found in deep-fried foods, heavily processed items and certain oils. Saturated fats are also considered to be detrimental to our health and should be limited or avoided altogether. Whole milk, for example, has reasonably high levels of saturated fat, which can in turn increase cholesterol in the blood and ultimately lead to blockages in the arteries around the body.

Unsaturated fats however, can be very beneficial – in moderation of course. With a balanced diet, our bodies can take advantage of the many and varied nutrients and vitamins that we consume in our daily meals. Unsaturated fats can also work to reduce cholesterol and promote heart health. When you think of unsaturated fats, think Mediterranean diet. Olive oils, almonds and walnuts as well as avocado are all a great sources of unsaturated fat.

Limiting the intake of calories of every kind comes naturally with post bariatric surgery food restriction. However all post-op patients should be aware of consuming the right foods and calories. In the case of fats, that means reducing saturated fats and promoting unsaturated fats.

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