Managing Fear before Surgery

May 31, 2013

Managing fear before a major surgical procedure is an important part in the preparation for and recovery from life-changing events such as surgery. Fear is, of course, an integral part of our lives and can be very useful. It can also be destructive when it begins to control and limit us. Some fear of a surgical procedure is very natural. Even so, we encourage each of our patients to overcome the most debilitating of their fears by learning more about their particular procedure.

  • Patients should start by understanding the condition that requires surgical intervention. This can be achieved through the series of consultations with our surgeons. To supplement those consultations, patients may wish to do some research on their own through various authoritative websites on the Internet as well as publications ranging from magazines and books to clinical studies. Understanding the very foundational elements of the disease to be treated can mitigate some fears.
  • Next is to understand the procedure itself and what must be done to prepare for surgery. Remember that good preparation for a surgical procedure can reduce the likelihood of complications during and after surgery. Part of this preparation should include understanding how the recovery process will unfold. Patients, especially those who have never had surgery before, should have a grasp of what to look out for after surgery in order to mitigate any potential problems.
  • Getting to know our staff and our surgeons can be very helpful in putting a patient’s mind at ease. Having a connection or bond with our office can add a layer of trust and understanding to the patient-physician relationship.
  • Finally, speaking to other patients that have had the same or similar surgery can be a very helpful way to understand what to expect. It’s always helpful to have a strong support system around you.

The key to managing fear before the surgical procedure revolves around understanding the procedure itself. Doing so will offer a degree of peace of mind that can make the prospect of surgery more manageable and aftercare more successful.

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