Banking Blood For The Future

May 2, 2013

One of the more overlooked preparations for any eventuality is the idea of preemptive blood banking. While most surgical procedures are uneventful, there are times, for one reason or other, that patients may require some additional blood. The need for blood is usually higher when there is an emergency situation, when the procedure is very complex or when the patient has a high risk of anemia. Normally, blood is sourced from centralized blood banks that collect from anonymous donors. This blood is then matched to the patient, if needed.

Some forward thinking patients however, decide to bank their own blood in case it may be needed during or after their procedure. Banking your own blood is one way to ensure availability, a perfect match and avoid rejection, if any blood is indeed necessary.

There are some considerations however in banking your own blood.

  • The blood you bank may not be usable when it comes time for the transfusion. In this case, you may have to receive blood from a centralized source anyway.
  • After banking blood, you may have to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals before your procedure to ensure that your body is ready for surgery. You need to be in as good shape as possible when you undergo a surgical procedure.
  • Depending on your health, you may not be able to give blood beforehand. This is something to discuss with your medical team.

Blood can be collected as far as 6 weeks in advance or as soon as a few days before surgery. Speak your surgical team about the suitability of banking blood. While the benefits of doing so a clear, there are also considerations to be understood and evaluated.

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