What Is Medical Weight Loss?

April 18, 2013

Medical weight loss involves a physician supervised program that addresses both physical and psychological aspects of excess weight and obesity in a non-surgical manner. Medical weight loss programs can be very helpful to those patients that may not qualify for bariatric surgery, but need to lose some weight. They can also be helpful to bariatric patients both before and after surgery.

Before surgery, a medical weight loss program may be a required part of insurance coverage as stipulated by the patient’s particular plan. A medical weight loss program can also help the patient lose some weight before their procedure, effectively reducing the chances of complications during surgery. With tis intense focus on lifestyle modification, medical weight loss can also give the patient a glimpse into and head start in their lifestyle changes after surgery.

Bariatric surgery patients who need additional help losing weight after surgery may benefit from a medical weight loss program as well. These programs are generally more effective than dieting and exercising without the supervision of a qualified medical team. Medical weight loss programs help train the patient to work towards a permanent lifestyle change. In essence, it can be effective in explaining the reasons behind the particular diet or exercise plan and will offer yet another layer of support for post-surgical patients.

Most medical weight loss programs last for a minimum of a month and can continue or as long as three to six months. During this time, a specialized team of weight loss experts guides the patient in virtually every aspect of their life as it relates to health and weight. From grocery store trips to exercise classes and working out at the gym, a medical weight loss programs covers all the important, every day activities that the average patient will need to perform to lose weight.

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