Organic Foods – Worth the Cost?

April 10, 2013


The craze in organic and all natural foods has not diminished over the past several years. What was once very much a niche market has now gone mainstream. The introduction of large specialty grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Fresh Market has solidified the popularity of organic foods and their place in today’s society. These stores have ushered in a new mass-market wave of health consciousness. The consumption of “conventional” and processed foods is definitely not in vogue.

As any weight loss surgery patient knows, proper diet is a cornerstone to weight loss and later, weight maintenance. The question therefore arises as to whether organic foods are actually worth it. There has been some debate as to whether organic foods help with weight loss. To this point there is no definitive evidence that it does. We suggest that weight loss not be a consideration when you decide whether to buy organic or conventional – at least until more data is available to back up these claims.

Organic food is also grown without the use of pesticides and is not genetically modified. Again there is no definitive data to support the dangers of commonly used crop pesticides or any danger of genetically modified food. However, there is certainly no harm in consuming foods that do not use these controversial growing methods.

The biggest consideration with regard to organic food is cost. Every patient has an individual financial circumstance that will determine if organic food is actually worth the cost. Ultimately, obesity and excess weight is very real and present disease that can debilitate or kill. If you wish to consume organic foods, that is fine. However, most important is the transition to healthy, fresh and natural products.

Walk before you run and stay away from processed foods as well as those high in fat and sugar. Eating organic is very much secondary to that.

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