Eating Healthy after Surgery

November 4, 2012

When we think of eating healthily, one of the first food items that we consider are soups and salads. It is almost second nature to believe that soup and salad is good for our health and rarely do we question whether that is actually the case. It is obvious that leafy greens and basic broths can be very healthy for us, though not terribly delicious, however once we start dressing our salads and doctoring our soups, they can quickly turn into one of the worst culprits for weight gain and overall health issues.

In the case of a salad, once we start at adding dressings, we can quickly increase the number of calories and saturated fats that we consume. What we believe to be a healthy appetizer or main course is no longer so. Most salad dressings are not good for us and even fat-free dressing may have added sugar and sodium for taste. In the case of soups, while the components may have very healthy ingredients such as carrots and celery, the broth itself may be loaded with sodium which can cause an increase in blood pressure. Over the longer term, sodium can contribute to obesity and other health problems.

This problem can often be exacerbated when we are eating out at a restaurant. First, we don’t know the exact ingredients and second, restaurant portions are usually much larger than what is considered to be a healthy serving. That combination means that when we’re out at restaurants, we’re usually eating far more than what we’d expect.

So if soups and salads are bad for us, what do we have left?

Actually, soups and salads are very good for us as long as we keep tabs on exactly what we are consuming. Substituting high-fat or high sugar dressings with natural lower calorie options can still be tasty and can help us cut out hundreds if not thousands of calories every month. Similarly, with soups, choosing the low-sodium option will give us all the excellent nutrition without the problems associated with a high sodium diet.

It is important to speak to a nutritionist as there are many healthy options available to us both in the grocery store and at many restaurants. That said, we must do our part, which is to research what we are eating and make the right choices.

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