What You Can Do Before Bariatric Surgery

October 15, 2012

Before surgery, an obese patient’s mind may be preoccupied with problems associated with excess weight on one hand and excitement with the advent of their upcoming surgery on the other. What many of our patients do not realize however is that there is quite a bit that they can do before surgery to help them both during and after the procedure.

There will usually be a number of months between when the patient decides they will undergo a bariatric procedure and when the procedure actually happens. This is usually a result of the time it takes for preoperative testing as well as waiting for approvals from the insurance company.

  • During that time, patients should start to learn more about life after surgery. The changes they will have to undergo after their procedure are significant and knowing more about them can take some of the fear and uncertainty out of the process.
  • Secondly patients should begin to lose weight even before their procedure. The more the weight they can lose before surgery the lower the chance of complications during the procedure. Also, if they mimic their post-surgical diet, they will be able to kick-start an effective weight loss regimen.
  • Finally, before surgery is the time to speak to close friends and family about what you expect your life to look like as you lose weight and change your lifestyle. You may let them know that you will no longer eat certain foods, have them understand the feelings that you expect to have as you’re losing weight and tell them about the desires and goals that you have – personal, social and physical – after surgery. Doing so can help ensure they are in lockstep with your lifestyle changes and needs.

Remember that the changes after bariatric surgery are truly significant. Preparing yourself and those around you for those changes can not only begin to build a significant support system, to help you through the hurdles that you will undoubtedly face, but will also allow you to be one step ahead after surgery.

As with every part of the bariatric surgery process, we are here to help. We hope that you will rely on us both before and after surgery for advice. In that spirit, we’d like you to attend support groups, both before and after surgery and we want you to start your diet well before the surgical procedure ever takes place. Any questions you may have can be answered before your surgical procedure and you will be that much more prepared for the lifestyle changes to come.

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