Paying for Surgery

October 12, 2012

Paying for surgery is one of the first questions on any patient’s mind. Whether a surgical procedure is simple or complex, there are costs to be considered. Most patients will have some form of insurance plan that will cover at least part of the procedure. However, depending on the procedure and particular insurance plan, there may be an exclusion. Exclusions mean that a patient will either have to pay part or all of the procedure out-of-pocket or by financing.

For that reason, we suggest that as soon as the patient knows they’re undergoing a surgical procedure, they contact their insurance company to see exactly what their coverage entails.  Learning more about their coverage will not only help them understand their policy more clearly, but also avoid unexpected out-of-pocket expenses and costs. When speaking to an insurance company, it is important to understand deductibles, coinsurance as well as the renewal date of the policy. This ensures that the patient knows exactly what they will be responsible for. In cases such as Medicare and Medicaid, pre-approval is not an option, therefore understanding what they cover is all the more important.

For those who may not have insurance, there’s always the option of paying cash for the procedure. Depending on the scope of the procedure, it is sometimes possible to bundle hospital and surgical practice services for a small discount. Patients can also benefit by not having to worry about insurance company restrictions and getting their procedure scheduled and performed more quickly.

Of course there are third-party medical financing options as well as other loan programs available to most patients. Oftentimes a secured loan, such as a home-equity or personal loan can be tapped to pay for surgery. Third-party companies that specialize in medical care offer financing options for qualifying patients. No matter what financing option a patient uses, it is important to understand the risks of financing, which include potential fluctuation in annual percentage rate as well as possibly severe penalties for non- or late payment.

No matter what procedure you expect to undergo, we have a billing department here at Advanced Surgical Associates that is ready and able to help you with the details of your procedure and how to pay for it. Please contact us to learn more about the options in your particular circumstance.

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