Sugar Substitutes for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

September 13, 2012

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Once you’ve undergone a weight loss surgery procedure, too much sugar can do a number on your digestive system. You probably know that excess sugar and fat can cause the very uncomfortable condition known as “dumping syndrome,” especially if you’ve had gastric bypass. Further, high sugar foods tend to offer empty calories with very little nutritional value.

Food after weight loss surgery, however, does not have to be boring or bland.  Here are a few sugar substitutes to help you on your weight loss journey and maintenance goals.

For the health gurus out there, some natural sweeteners include stevia plant extracts that can be found in just about any supermarket. Other natural sweeteners like honey can be substituted for sugar and offer ancillary health benefits as well. However, honey remains relatively high in fructose, glucose and calories, so it may be unsuitable for those sticking to a low glycemic index diet.

We also have the option of artificial sweeteners. These generally come in the pink, blue and yellow colored packets that you see at most restaurants. They are what they are – artificial – and range anywhere from 180 to 3,000 times sweeter than real sugar, without the calories.

Do your research and speak to your surgeon about which sugar substitute is best for you. If you’re not used to them, they may not taste great at the start, but you’ll adapt. Ultimately however, you want to choose one that tastes good to you and which will help you stick to the weight loss program prescribed to you.

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