Pain after Surgery

September 13, 2012

Pain after surgery is a certainty; however it does not have to be as uncomfortable as it may seem. One of our responsibilities as doctors and a responsibility of the staff at the facility in which we will perform the procedure, is to ensure that we effectively manage any pain during and after surgery. It is worth noting that most of the procedures we perform are minimally invasive, which require smaller incisions than traditional open surgery. As a result, patients will generally feel less pain after surgery and will recover more quickly.

Your pain can be managed using over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen or stronger narcotic drugs such as OxyContin and other opiates. Generally speaking, we emphasize using the least amount of the lightest drug to alleviate your pain.

While it is tempting to take stronger drugs and eliminate the pain entirely, it is not the best or safest course of action. First, strong narcotics can cause an impairment of judgment leading to the possibility of injury. These drugs can be addictive too. Narcotic and opiate drugs may also mask specific pain that can be point to a complication. For example, severe or searing pain in the surgical site may suggest the onset of infection. Pain in the extremities or in parts of the body that are relatively far away from the incision point may also suggest a complication that needs to be handled immediately.

Please bear in mind that feeling some pain and being able to describe that pain to your doctor or nurse is a very important part of your recovery. Taking only the dose of painkiller that you need and no more will not only help ensure your safety, but also reduce the risk of a complication going unnoticed.

For more information about the pain that you may experience after any given surgical procedure, we welcome you to contact our office to learn more.

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