Food Addiction

September 3, 2012

Food addiction is very real, yet it receives far less attention then do other addictions such as alcohol or drug abuse. Food can certainly be addictive, depending on the person, and oftentimes obesity is caused by an unhealthy psychological and physical response to food. The bottom line is that any addiction is a disease and food is no different.

Food addiction is, as yet, incurable, just like any other form of the disease. We strive, instead, to manage our food addiction by training ourselves to get better, finding other sources of enjoyment and using the personal  and professional help around us to stay on track. To that last point, we need to evaluate all of the weight loss tools at our disposal such as self-help diets, physician supervised weight loss programs and even bariatric surgery in order to make ourselves healthy for the long-term.

The psychological component of food addiction is just as strong as the physical. It is important to – if necessary – seek professional help for our food addiction. While some may think that seeking help for this kind of problem is somehow embarrassing, that just isn’t the case.

Addiction to food is a very real fact for many people suffering from excess weight or obesity in the United States. The statistics speak to that fact, with fully one third of United States adult population being obese and two thirds overweight.

Seeking more information about and help for food addiction is not only a good idea but a necessity for better health.

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