Bad Days after Bariatric Surgery

September 19, 2012

Bad days are a fact of life and it is not different after bariatric surgery. A bad day, or a string of such days, can often derail a patient’s progress and make them feel like quitting their diet and exercise regimen. Obese people have fought their disease for years and the last thing they need is another setback. It’s important to to know that while bariatric surgery is a weight loss tool, it is not a magic bullet. It will not allow you to lose weight without the input and dedication from you.

The key to powering through bad days is ultimately knowledge. First we must remember that a bad day is just that – one day. Tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity to make it one step closer to our weight loss goals. Second, we must learn from our bad days in order to avoid them in the future. Whether it is stress, boredom or discouragement, we all have a trigger, or triggers, that make us eat poorly. Taking the time to understand what caused the over-eating and avoiding it in the future. Last but not least is the importance of those around us – our cheerleaders. Friends, family, acquaintances from support group or even our surgical offices can be amazingly helpful in bouncing back from a bad day. Those around us will know our struggles and most will be willing to help us through them.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you that each and every day of weight loss will be easy – it won’t be. But the challenges and hurdles we overcome make the eventual successes that much sweeter. Focus on your goals and day by day remind yourself that you are one step closer. Weight loss is not measured in dozens of pounds – take it one pound at a time and soon you’ll hit your goals!

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