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Bad Days after Bariatric Surgery

September 19, 2012

Bad days are a fact of life and it is not different after bariatric surgery. A bad day, or a string of such days, can often derail a patient’s progress and make them feel like quitting their diet and exercise … Continue reading

Pain after Surgery

September 13, 2012

Pain after surgery is a certainty; however it does not have to be as uncomfortable as it may seem. One of our responsibilities as doctors and a responsibility of the staff at the facility in which we will perform the … Continue reading

Sugar Substitutes for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

*Check out our update on sugar and sugar substitutes after bariatric surgery – click here* Once you’ve undergone a weight loss surgery procedure, too much sugar can do a number on your digestive system. You probably know that excess sugar … Continue reading

Food Addiction

September 3, 2012

Food addiction is very real, yet it receives far less attention then do other addictions such as alcohol or drug abuse. Food can certainly be addictive, depending on the person, and oftentimes obesity is caused by an unhealthy psychological and … Continue reading

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