When Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery is Not the Answer

August 2, 2012

Laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery has become the gold standard in the abdominal and general surgery field. New technologies have made incisions smaller and smaller and every year new techniques are released to help surgical patients feel better sooner after surgery with fewer overall complications. Today surgeries can be performed in an open manner, laparoscopically, via single incision and even with robotic assistance.

Hernia surgery has been performed in a minimally invasive manner for years and laparoscopy has become the standard by which these surgical procedures are measured. In the case of a hernia however, laparoscopic surgery is not always the answer. In certain cases, such as the ones that follow, a traditional open surgery may be more effective for a particular patient.

  • Minimally invasive surgery can lead to a greater incidence of hernia recurrence.
  • If the incision points are occluded by a significant amount of scar tissue, say from a previous surgery in the same area, the laparoscopic tools may not be suitable.
  • If the surgeon needs a particularly wide view of the surgical field the laparoscope, or camera, used to project the images of the surgery may not be suitable.
  • Multiple hernias may also necessitate an open procedure. If the surgical tools are not able to reach both hernias through the same incisions, it may be beneficial to opt for a traditional open surgery.

Of course the decision to undergo a minimally invasive or open procedure is a discussion that requires a thorough medical review of your personal circumstances, so please schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons to learn more.

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