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The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

August 22, 2012

Minimally invasive is undoubtedly the present and future gold standard of surgical technique. Almost every surgery performed is less invasive than it was twenty, even ten years ago. Complex surgeries have now become routine and the complication and mortality rates … Continue reading

The Importance of Nutritionists and Dieticians

As you probably know though your research on bariatric surgery, the lifestyle changes you will experience – dietary and exercise – continue for months and years after bariatric surgery and frankly, the rest of your life. The changes you will … Continue reading

Managing an Insurance Denial

August 13, 2012

There are times when a patient who believes they are covered by their insurance policy, in fact receives a denial. The first reaction is usually one of panic, but it need not be. Every insurance company has a process by … Continue reading

When Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery is Not the Answer

August 2, 2012

Laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery has become the gold standard in the abdominal and general surgery field. New technologies have made incisions smaller and smaller and every year new techniques are released to help surgical patients feel better sooner after … Continue reading

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