How Safe Is Surgery?

July 6, 2012

No matter the type of surgery – hernia surgery, bariatric surgery, or otherwise – it is still a major procedure. And each surgery has both benefits and risks, some of which depend on a patient’s particular circumstance. Many of our patients ask us how safe surgery really is and are often very concerned about their well-being during and after the procedure.

First, it is important to remember that surgery would never be performed on a patient who didn’t truly need it. There are often several treatment options for any given procedure, including a wait-and-see approach for more minor issues and times where surgery is the only option. No matter the diagnosis, in order to maintain health of the patient, our surgeons will only suggest an invasive procedure when it is of absolute necessity.

Further, most general and bariatric surgeries are now being performed in a minimally invasive manner. While the procedure is the same, the method of accessing the surgical field is what reduces the risk. Minimally invasive surgery does not require a large incision, meaning that patients experience a quicker recovery, less pain, less blood loss and generally speaking, fewer possible complications including infection at the surgical site. The occurrence of incisional hernia – those caused by the surgical procedure itself – is also reduced since each incision is only one-half to one inch in size.

Finally, surgical techniques and surgeon training has improved drastically as have the quality of surgical facilities around the country. With these new technologies and techniques, patients have never been in better hands than they are today.

Safety is always a concern during and after a surgical procedure. You will receive preoperative and postoperative instructions from your surgeon, which should be followed very carefully for your health and safety. Further, we encourage you to speak to your surgeon about the risks and safety of the procedure that you will need. Hearing directly from your medical team is the best way to fully understand the benefits and risks involved in the surgical procedure.

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