Are There Any Risks to Minimally Invasive Surgery?

July 25, 2012

Before we address this question, it is important to understand that every surgical procedure, no matter how it is performed has some degree of risk. These risks range from minor to major and largely depend on the health of the patient and the complexity of the procedure being performed. That said, there are very few additional risks posed by minimally invasive surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery has been touted as one of the biggest advances in surgical technique and right so. Minimally invasive surgery, especially in the general and bariatric surgery spheres, has become the dominant and preferred method of performing surgery. Here at Advanced Surgical Associates, over 85% of our surgeries are performed laparoscopically.


The most important consideration with respect to minimally invasive surgery is that it is not right for everyone. These cases may include:

  • Patients who have had previous surgeries in the same area. If there is a significant degree of scar tissue at the surgical site, minimally invasive surgery will not be possible.
  • Surgeries that need a greater degree of dexterity and flexibility may need to be performed traditionally. Simply put, there are just times where minimally invasive surgery just doesn’t offer enough latitude.
  • Surgeries that require the surgeon to be able to see directly into the surgical field. Of course minimally invasive surgery relies on a high definition camera called a laparoscope, which cannot fully substitute for direct line of sight.
  • If the surgeon believes that the procedure cannot be performed laparoscopically while in the operating room. The surgeon may, at that point, convert the surgery to an open procedure to make sure that the patient is best served.

Ultimately there are risks inherent to every surgical procedure and they cannot be fully avoided. While minimally invasive surgery is an excellent option in complication reduction, it is not suitable for everyone and should be discussed with your medical practitioner and surgical team.

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