The Pros and Cons of Laparoscopic Surgery

June 15, 2012

Surgical procedures have trended toward minimal invasiveness, also known as laparoscopy, over the past couple decades. Bariatric procedures, gallbladder removals and hernia repairs to name a few, are now often performed in a minimally invasive manner. Minimally invasive surgery is performed using a set of long-handled medical devices that are passed through several tiny incisions in the abdomen, versus the large single incision of traditional open surgery.

These devices are coordinated using a high definition camera called a laparoscope which delivers a crystal clear picture to the surgeon on a monitor above the operating table. The laparoscope transmits a wide view of the surgical field and gives us the dexterity needed to perform the procedure safely and quickly. Further, minimally invasive surgery can reduce recovery time as well as reduce the chance of infection, blood loss and pain after surgery.

Of course, minimally invasive surgery does have its drawbacks. For one, there is nothing quite like being able to see directly into the abdomen. Further, some patients may not be suited to minimally invasive surgery, especially if they have had a previous surgical procedure in the same area and have a great deal of scar tissue. Minimally invasive surgery doesn’t allow for the tactile sensations that can regulate the force being used and ultimately it offers a lower degree of dexterity than an open procedure.

The technologies that we have at our disposal today are only becoming more and more sophisticated. As they do, surgical procedures will become safer and more routine as they have over the past several decades. Further, many procedures that once required days of recovery time in the hospital are now often performed on an outpatient basis or may only require one night stay.

While the advances in minimally invasive surgery are staggering, there is a place and there always will be a place for traditional open surgery. To learn more about the difference between minimally invasive and open surgery please visit us at one of our bariatric surgery seminars or call our office.

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