How Walking Can Change Your Life

June 29, 2012

Walking is a staple for post-bariatric surgery patients. Very shortly after the bariatric procedure, patients will be asked to walk around the hospital or surgical center in order to help with recovery. Walking increases circulation and blood flow throughout the body which may allow for faster healing times and the possibility of fewer complications.

Walking, however, can also change your life well after the procedure has been performed. While many magazines and websites concentrate on strenuous exercise, walking can provide much of the exercise that we need to safely lose weight. Walking, combined with a concerted effort at improving our diet, can melt away the pounds in short order.

And walking doesn’t have to be boring! You don’t have to walk aimlessly, rather change your habits to incorporate walking into your life. For example, if you’re a golfer, walking every other round, instead of riding the cart, may be just what you need to lose those couple extra pounds each and every month. Parking further away from the grocery store and walking the length of the parking lot can also add hundreds, if not thousands, of steps to your walking portfolio each month. Walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator – once, twice or seven times a week, will achieve the same goal.

The most effective exercise is that which is repeatable and can be done often. Walking can truly help set the stage for significant, safe weight loss over the long-term.

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