Why You Need to Quit – Smoking that is

May 12, 2012

We see what smoking does to our bodies over the long-term; and ads on TV make a compelling reason to quit. These dramatic effects have been proven by hundreds of clinical studies over the years. More immediately, smoking is downright dangerous for those who will be undergoing a surgical procedure. That is why we ask any of our patients that smoke, to stop doing so several weeks before the surgical procedure is scheduled.

Smoking causes the restriction of blood vessels throughout the body as well as reducing the amount of oxygen that enters the bloodstream from the lungs. This combination is disastrous for recovery and can cause a host of complications shortly after surgery. Recovery is fastest and least complicated when the body, especially the circulation system is working at its best. Smoking doesn’t allow that. The consequences of smoking on the body are very similar to the side effects of obesity and can include an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, certain cancers and significant breathing problems. Right after surgery, recovery may be slower, involve more complications and present more pain.

Quitting is not easy. After all, nicotine is a highly addictive substance. If you feel that you will have difficulty quitting, it is important to be open with your surgeon. They will be able to develop a plan that can help you with this very difficult change. Over the longer term, quitting smoking can begin to reverse ill effects within days and weeks. While the effects of smoking can never be fully erased, the ability for the body to recovery is impressive.

Ultimately, when it comes to a surgical procedure, the goal is safety and the risk of complications is just too high for those who choose to smoke shortly before their procedure.

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