When is Open Surgery Necessary?

May 31, 2012

Minimally invasive surgery has become the new norm and rightly so. We perform over 90% of our procedures laparoscopically and for most cases, it is our preferred method. There are instances however, when it is better to have an open procedure versus a minimally invasive procedure.

These instances can vary in their scope. For example, in cases where a very wide field of vision is needed, the laparoscope (tiny high definition camera) may not offer the surgeon the appropriate viewing angles. Also, while the long-handled devices used in laparoscopic surgery are very versatile, they are limited in their range of motion. Those who are extremely obese may not be indicated for laparoscopic surgery as the fat tissue can interfere with the minimally invasive procedure. Further if a procedure was performed in the same area on a prior occasion, scar tissue may cause some difficulty with the laparoscopic approach.

Both open and laparoscopic procedures are becoming safer and safer as surgical techniques and medical devices are becoming ever more effective. And while we would usually prefer to perform the procedure laparoscopically, the decision to use an open technique revolves around safety and effectiveness – the two most important criteria for surgery.

Speak to your surgeon about the pros and cons of an open versus laparoscopic procedure. Your health and safety is the number one concern and nothing should compromise that, even if there is a slightly longer recovery from an open procedure.

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