Enjoying Dessert after Bariatric Surgery

April 9, 2012

Many of us believe that if we have undergone a bariatric procedure, desserts of any size, shape and form are completely off-limits. While it is true that desserts are usually less nutritious and more caloric than the foods  recommended under a bariatric diet, it doesn’t mean that they have no place in a patient’s life after surgery.

In fact, one of the most difficult lifestyle changes after bariatric surgery is psychological and depriving ourselves of everything we enjoy can actually be detrimental to our psychological and physical health. While we do not suggest that patients indulge in a great deal of dessert, we do understand that once a while there is a place for a sweet treat.

Our suggestion is to set a day once a week where you allow yourself a small indulgence, whether it be a dessert or other enjoyment. Be mindful, however, that while you can indulge, it is not a reason to eat excessive amounts of dessert. For example, rather than having two scoops of ice cream in a cone, one scoop in a cup should be plenty to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Patients can work with our dietitian after surgery to determine when they can “schedule” their indulgences. It may be once a week or once a month and the dietary plan can and will change over the course of your weight loss journey.

Always remember that moderation is the key to success after bariatric surgery. Eating far too much or far too little; overindulging or under indulging are all detrimental to your long-term success. Getting just enough at just the right time is the key to enjoyment and consistent weight loss over the long-term.

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