Negative Feelings

March 19, 2012

As weight loss surgery patients, we walk a fine line between motivation and frustration after surgery. Lifestyle changes are hard – not only in the days and weeks after surgery, but years later, too. It is hard to kick the habits that caused obesity and it seems we are in “recovery” for the rest of our lives. And while we are able to keep ourselves on track for most days of the month, it is not uncommon nor is it necessarily bad to have negative feelings or uncertainty once in a while. In fact, it would be more concerning if we never doubted ourselves at all – doubt is a natural part of the process.

Negative feelings can unravel our progress or they can be the motivation we need to keep going. It’s all in how we look at them and how we manage them. Of course it is worth noting that depression, and even addiction after weight loss surgery, can be very dangerous.

Effectively managing bad days is the key to success. First we must recognize what triggered the bad day. Was it stress, was it peer pressure or maybe just being tired? No matter the cause of the negative feelings, identifying them can allow us to effectively deal with our bad feelings and eventually prevent them when we see them coming on.
Another strategy to manage bad feelings is to take advantage of the support of family, friends, support groups and our office. Each group is an important component that can work together to help you overcome those bad days where negative feelings seem to get the best of us.

The bottom line is that bad days are common, and they can be destructive or can be spun into an opportunity for growth. Your success depends on which path you choose in dealing with these feelings. Remember, use those around you and take advantage of the love and support of those that care about you.

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