Aftercare Programs

March 14, 2012

The aftercare program that a patient chooses to follow after weight-loss surgery is critically important to their overall success. Weight loss surgery is simply a tool to help the patient lose weight. It is not a magic bullet that creates exceptional outcomes on its own. That means that, after surgery, a patient will be expected to change their lifestyle and follow a modified and restricted diet. They will also have to exercise on a regular basis. Following these aftercare protocols invariably makes the weight loss procedure more successful.  Those who chose not follow their post bariatric instructions may not see the exceptional results they hope for.

It’s not easy to follow a highly modified lifestyle plan immediately after surgery. Even over the long-term, patients can “fall off the wagon,” so to speak and revert to previous lifestyle choices. That’s why the aftercare programs offered by your surgeon and surgical practice are so important. These programs may include:

  • Support groups, during which patients will be able to connect with others who have experienced the same ups and downs of life after surgery.
  • Access to dietitians and psychologists to counsel the patient and reinforce the dos and don’ts of lifestyle modification. These changes are a significant physical and psychological challenge, especially in the first few years after surgery.
  • Finally, aftercare may also include using tools and online resources to track caloric intake and weight loss goals. These online tools may be offered by your surgeon, by the medical device manufacturer or you may find them on your own.

No matter what aftercare resources are used, it is important that patient have a dedication to changing their life after surgery. There’s a direct correlation between the amount of effort that is put into changing and maintaining a new lifestyle and how much weight is lost. And we know how hard this can be. We encourage any of our patients to contact us if ever they have questions about their aftercare program or sticking to the plan.

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