Depression after Bariatric Surgery

January 19, 2012

It is easy to automatically assume that when a post bariatric surgery patient loses up to 85% of their excess body weight, the result would be sheer ecstasy. Those who don’t understand bariatric surgery however may not realize that the lifestyle changes that are necessary after bariatric surgery are strict and difficult. Also, many don’t understand the difficulties that post bariatric patients have in adjusting their new lifestyle and maintain their new lower weight – maintenance is a challenge in and of itself.

To be sure, losing weight is a very exciting thing. However, because the patient will have enjoyed, possibly even been addicted to, certain unhealthy foods over many years, even decades the loss of that “comfort blanket” can allow depression to set in. Depression, even in its mildest forms, can interfere with the patient’s daily life after surgery. The results can be debilitating and progressive if left untreated.

How does a patient fight depression? They can do so in much the same way as they deal with other issues after their procedure – excellent support and asking for help. Hopefully with the help of their surgeon, they will have developed a strong support system that may include family, friends, support groups and online resources. Further, practices such as ours will have trained psychologist offering the ability to discuss any problems that they may be feeling after surgery.

When addressed immediately, depression and other psychological issues after surgery can be warded off before they become severe.

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