Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence

January 12, 2012

When you navigate to our website you will see a blue, round seal showing that we are an American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) Center of Excellence (COE). But what does that really mean? Being designated a COE means that we have passed a rigorous on site inspection of our practice, patient care and our past cases. It shows that we are committed to patient safety and excellent outcomes in bariatric surgery.

The process that must be undertaken to receive the Center of Excellence designation is a rigorous one and for good reason. For one, Center of Excellence practices are the only ones allowed to perform surgery for Medicare patients. Practices such as ours have proven to the ASMBS that they have the volume of patient cases and the experience and skill to minimize complications and achieve excellent results.

The Center of Excellence designation must be renewed each and every year and only a fraction of practices are able to keep their designation from one year to the next.

Our continuing Center of Excellence designation affirms our commitment to quality and patient care that is the basis for our entire program. Drs. Muhammad Feteiha, Joao Lopes and James Lopes as well as the entire staff are committed to ensuring that each and every patient gets the exceptional care that they need and deserve.

After all, making a life changing decision like bariatric surgery should not be taken lightly by anybody involved in the process.

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