Motivation to Exercise after Weight Loss Surgery

July 27, 2011

Some simple tips to get you going

It is important to be active after weight loss surgery. In order to help lose weight and keep it off, exercise will need to become a part of everyday life. One of the many challenges people face, however, is staying motivated to exercise. Workout routines can seem monotonous after a while, or what if you never liked exercise?  Here are some simple tips to get you moving and keep you motivated.

First off, it is important to find activities that you enjoy. Exercise does not have to be torture. In fact, Americans have come up with thousands of ways to entertain ourselves while exercising. Find something that is fun for you – walk in the park, ride a bike, go swimming or rollerblading. If you enjoy winter weather you might try skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or cross country skiing. They will all get your heart rate up, get you moving and that is the main goal. Not into the outdoors?  You can go bowling, yup, it counts as exercise! Join a gym and take a friend; having someone to keep you accountable will encourage you on those days you really don’t want to exercise. Just think about how much better you’ll look in the mirror.

There is some form of physical activity that will get you excited about exercising and will hold your interest for more than a short while. Be creative – the need for exercise is never going away, so you may as well burn calories and shed those pounds doing something you enjoy.

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